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Water Heater Repair Philadelphia shares hot water heater repair tips and information on various types of water heaters.

Water Heater Energy Efficiency Tips

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Philadelphia | 0 comments

Few of our customers at Water Heater Repair Philadelphia do not want to be as energy effective as possible with all of their residence expenditures, including their water heating expense. So, we chose to put together a list of things that will certainly make homeowners do just that. energysavers.gov estimates that 14-25 % of a house’s energy use is from heating water, and it also comprises some of the electric bill too. The following suggestions will certainly make make best use of ones water heater’s efficiency. Depending upon the quantity and frequency of the need for hot...

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Philadelphia Water Heater Carbon Monoxide Prevention

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Philadelphia, Water Heater Safety | 0 comments

We have recently seen a number of news reports about carbon monoxide gas poising being connected back to a water heater as the source and so felt it important to write some about that potential today. Yes, any nonrenewable fuel source burning appliance creates this fatal gas. Consisting of hot water heaters. Nevertheless, with the proper installation of the water heater, together with routine maintenance, and a working carbon monoxide gas detector in the home, one can sleep safely. Causes of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide gas (CO) is a colorless, odor free gas that is a bi-product...

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Replacing a Heating Element in a Philadelphia Water Heater

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Philadelphia | 0 comments

If your water is not heating appropriately and you think a defective heating element follow these seven steps on screening and changing it. Bad elements are common troubles specifically in older water heaters that have actually been in a few years. This can take place to a more recent heater also. This is easily diagnosed and replace it could need a little perseverance. Note: It is best to have a trained plumbing professional perform these steps. Water Heater Repair Philadelphia just wanted to share the process for doing with our readers. Tools needed: Ohm/Volt meter, heating element socket,...

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How to Prevent Philadelphia Water Heater Repairs

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Philadelphia, Water Heater Replacement Philadelphia | 0 comments

Most don’t ever think about the state of their water heater Water Heater Repair Philadelphia knows. Understandably so, as long as it is functioning properly. However, a little water heater service can go a long way toward minimizing the number and frequency of repairs, and really helps to extend the life of the heater, avoiding very early replacement. Learn how keeping your water heater can affect its life expectancy and provide you less stunning minutes of cold water. A Healthy Philadelphia Water Heater While nobody can figure out specifically how long a water heater ought to last, an...

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Philadelphia Water Heater Maintenance in 10 Minutes

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Philadelphia | 0 comments

We are going to put you to work today, but just for about 10 minutes. Yep, that’s all it will consider these 2 essential water heater upkeep tasks; however, Water Heater Repair Philadelphia understands they will do an outstanding task of helping with 3 things: Having your water heater last as long as possible (that will conserve you cash). Making sure the water heater runs safely (we do not want it to blow up). Having it run as energy efficiently as possible (likewise conserving you cash). So with that in mind, are you ready to invest 10 minutes once or twice a year to help conserve...

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Water Heater Venting Techniques

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Gas Water Heater Repair Philadelphia, Water Heater Repair Philadelphia, Water Heater Replacement Philadelphia | 0 comments

Water Heater Repair Philadelphia is talking about the following ideas about proper water heater venting for property owners to have a basic understanding of how the different types of venting work. They are not planned to be how-to directions for property owners to perform themselves. The training and licensing of an expert plumbing repair service specialist is always extremely important. As far as gas water heaters go, there are 2 popular venting choices: direct vent water heaters and power vent water heaters. Relying on which type of system one uses will rely on the direction the vent is...

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