Polar Vortex vs Your Philadelphia Water Heater

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So with Polar Vortex upon us, let Water Heater Repair Philadelphia see to it ones water heater and pipes will survive its fury! Nationwide, over 250,000 Americans normally have some sort of damages to their homes due to flooding from split plumbing. With this sort of cold weather condition we are experiencing now, that number may are greater.

Here’s the big picture from The Weather Channel (click the name for the latest weather information):

As soon as outdoor temperature levels go below 20 degrees is when pipes can begin to freeze. Definitely, numerous parts of the nation are experiencing temperature levels much lower than that, and parts of the country that normally do not experience temperatures that reduced!

The Polar Vortex is breaking temperature records. For most places, it is the coldest it has been in over 20 years—Illinois, Indiana, George, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas and New York all posted record lows (via Fox News).

So how does one help avoid pipes from freezing and breaking?

There are two methods to do so. The first is to avoid heat loss from the water inside ones pipes. The second is to ensure there is space for growth inside a water pipe in case ice kinds. If you have city water, the primary pipes that provide the water are normally deep enough to avoid freezing; nevertheless, once the water lines are at the ground surface area level when they reach ones home, is when the issues begin.

Insulation is the name of the game!

Insulation is not simply for the hot water pipes, however the cold water lines too. Even pipes inside the house – those in the attic, basement, a crawl space – must be covered in foam pipe insulation or covered in pipe insulation tape. Places where it will definitely be cold, like in a garage, is the water heater located there, electrical heat tape can be utilized.

It can be practical to leave cabinet doors in the kitchen and restrooms open to assist with the warm air flow of the home to keep water pipes a little warmer too. Make sure to keep the garage door closed and any vents into a crawl space shut too.

Leaving faucets open a little so a drip of water can run through them can assist. It will help ease the develop up of pressure in the pipes, though it is not a complete security versus a frozen pipe. Heck, even falls freeze!

As for the water heater, many companies make water heater blanket kits that fit around the tank. There can be very helpful in helping the water heater keep the heat inside the tank, so the system is not having to constantly go to keep its set temperature level. This, obviously, also assists save energy dollars too!

Make certain one knows where the water turned off valve is found in the house in case a water pipe does rupture, one can turn the water off to avoid significant water damage.

According to CNN, “The record cold in many areas is putting a strain on electric grids — creating dangers that more people could lose power.”

Water Heater Repair Philadelphia suggests making sure one is ready in the case of a power outage, especially with these record low temperatures!

Polar Vortex

Source: NOAA/NASA GOES Project

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